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Last update: April 27, 2021


What customers say about me

Having worked with customers and organisations in many countries, I am very proud that my services were always appreciated highly in terms of quality, turnaround times and pricing.


"I have received feedback from the country officer about the test piece you did for them. They really liked your translation and would like you to translate the projects for them! Congratulations! 
I am really happy that they liked your piece because we have worked together a lot and it would be good top work together on a regular basis for a regular client!! The reviewer said that your have ‚a fluent and peppy writing style, translate literally when necessary and also transfer terms into very well fitting phrases‘ and your writing style would be perfect for them! As soon as I hear some more I will be in touch! Congratulations once again."

"After I reviewed the German portion of this translation, I wanted to give you and the translator some feedback. This is an excellent translation! 

The topic was not easy, yet the German does not overly orient itself by the English original and avoids common pitfalls. This is a high quality job. Please thank the translator from me and give him/her a good mark in your database."



"I have some very nice comments from our client on the last batch of translations and would like to thank you again for all your hard work!
‘First of all I want to say a BIG PRAISE and THANK YOU. The copy in that brochure is a VERY GOOD translation, very fluent, very enthusiastic. Whoever has translated this, should proceed with future German materials."


"You’re number 1!
 I really appreciate your professionalism."

"I can say that Andrea rates among the very best professionals. She combines excellent linguistic and technical skills with a quick grasp of problems."



"I was impressed by Andrea’s professional attitude, her intelligent approach to the project as well as her obvious leadership qualities. And last but not least by her excellent linguistic skills, in particular her ability of turning sometimes awkward source text into readable German."

"Andrea was very perceptive in picking up problems and actual mistakes in the source text, which was valuable for translations into other languages, as well as for the client in improving their own text database."



"I have been very impressed both by the quality of your work and by your service. 
The extensive translator’s notes provided with each file have been very helpful 
during the proofreading process. 
I will be recommending your service to my colleagues here, and I hope 
that we will have the opportunity to work together again soon."

"In addition to providing a thoroughly convincing German translation from the original English copy, Andrea also oversaw the work of two other less-experienced translators and made many changes within a tight deadline to create an overall style for the guide. It was a pleasure working with Andrea, who was conscientious and professional throughout.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrea.



"This is the very best translation sent to me in 6 months.
 It´s a translation with a sense for the German language."

"Thank you for your excellent job and quick turnaround. 
 I hope we can work together again very soon."



"Thanks for getting the translation to me so quickly. 
It’s so nice working with you because you’re nice and reliable . . . 
…and your work is good – so please keep it that way!"




"Excellent timing, the client will be very happy!"

"The customer was really pleased with the other jobs you did for them, and really wants you to do the new assignments as well."


"I am very glad you have time. Here’s the file. Please translate into your usual impeccable German."


"Many thanks, Andrea, for your VERY speedy completion of this translation.
  I am most impressed."




"You did a fantastic job with the translation as well as the turnaround time, thank you."

"This is fantastic! Thank you very much for the prompt delivery, Andrea."




"Thank you for your attention.
With your help we could remove several errors from the English source document."


"I am extremely pleased to let you know that the client was very happy with the quality of the German documents – which means that we have won the account!

So, I wanted to thank you very much, and I really look forward to working with you on this client!"


"Thank you very much indeed for such a prompt response.  I think you have set a new record!! It is greatly appreciated."



"Many thanks for such superb service.  
Hope to speak soon!"




"I really enjoyed working with Andrea — and her translations are a proofreader’s dream come true 🙂 "

"Please find attached the tracked copy of Andrea’s fabulous translation. She has done a fantastic job, and I suggested only very few changes. Keep her!!"




"I hope you have a great holiday, I don’t know how I will manage without your help!"