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Last update: April 27, 2021


To stand out in the crowd and among the competition, you have to communicate clearly and efficiently. To make yourself heard and reach your customers, you have to speak the language of your customers. Producing a text that sounds as if originally written in the target language requires a great understanding of idioms, cultural particularities and the readers‘ expectations as to the style, phrasing and structure of texts of a given subject. Only by communicating in the buyer’s language can a company expect true success in international markets. 

Intell!gent Tran?lations is happy to help its international customers achieve these goals. I can support you in exporting your products and services and in communicating your message – whatever the format, media or subject. I can deliver the finished product as an electronic file via mail or FTP server, on CD-ROM, or as a „good old“ hardcopy. I boast many years of experience in all parts of the world both as in-house and freelance translators and have a wide range of fields of specialisation. Want to know more about me

Transcreation and creative adaptation

Transcreation is the creative adaptation of marketing, sales and advertising copy in the target language. Successful transcreation is based on a thorough knowledge of the local environment, culture, business practices and all details specific to a given market, culture or country. As opposed to „mere“ translation which in most cases can make use of the pictures and concepts used in the source text, transcreation involves the finding of idioms and concepts that have the same effect in the target language as in the original text – without necessarily using the same pictures. This is particularly important in sales, marketing and advertising where you often have to convey messages and prompt the readers to action with just a few words. In this way, the resulting text must be capable of selling a brand, product, service or idea powerfully and effectively to the target audience in the target market and target culture. After all, you want your product or service to achieve the same success abroad as it does at home…

Glossary and terminology management

In today’s end-user oriented and increasingly competitive world, it has become necessary to use consistent terminology over the years to allow customers to get acquainted with one’s product and easily understand the meaning of the translated text, without having to look up definitions and getting confused by changing terminology.

Therefore, I can provide glossaries for each translation project undertaken so that subsequent translations always follow the same terminology and that customers can enjoy the benefit of your services or products without getting lost in the multi-lingual instructions provided.